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Some Thoughts on the Coronavirus Covid-19

Posted by [email protected] on April 28, 2020 at 4:10 AM

Up the street in Philadelphia, we learn Town Council determined a few special methods to disease get a handle on in this heading out of the Town of Brotherly Love. "Philly Will not Charge Robbers, Looters, Medicine Merchants but Try Ingesting a Burger in a Restaurant." It seems petty thieves should go free, but you can now get caught for ingesting in a restaurant. Is not that maddening?


Still another time north and we are in Brooklyn, New York, where the Region Attorney is making shoplifting and other crimes legal. He is refusing to prosecute low-level crimes in response to... you got it, the coronavirus. In a current Twitter, the ACLU is contacting for prisoners to be produced from jails all over America. They state it may help end the distribute of the virus. Apparently, no one currently in prison has tried positive for the corona?


Next door in New York Town, Mayor p Blasio informed New Yorkers he might issue an obtain to shelter in place. Florida Governor Newsome is creating the same saber-rattling noise while launching he is contemplating martial law. The statement came following a complete of 13 deaths traced, although not confirmed, to be from the virus. Of which around half were 70 years or older with other contributing physical problems. Could it be only me, or is there some true, bonafide frenzied and severe task planning on?




One of the greatest types I have study is that the FBI is curtailing on the web inquiries into their system as a result of the corona madness. They need all such requests to be handled by send for the duration of crisis. A question comes to mind. The World Health Organization is firmly recommending that people use bank cards and debit cards since handling income passes COVID-19. Wouldn't more mail in the machine be riskier than using on the web services? And undoubtedly that managing send is more labor-intensive than making a computer process inquiries.


There are plenty we don't find out about the coronavirus. Could it be life-threatening? Clearly, to a section of the population. Can it be killing Americans? By today, they are revealing about 150. Are 150 deaths from the coronavirus? You can not get a straight answer. Did all 150 of the people die entirely from the disease? The reports we get implies that around half them died of troubles from different physical illnesses they'd before the illness, and above half are around the age of 70 with many in their 90's.


Our current charades remind me of many years back in the woodlands of Vietnam providing as a Marine. We were an infantry organization, about 150 Marines, ten or so miles from friendlies creating our perimeter for the night. It was in the badlands of the DMZ. Just before dark dropped our Captain called a large meeting. He'd gotten word from G-2, the means Intelligence Area, that people would be attacked that evening by way of a power of 10,000 NVA. He bought everyone to be on full alert all night. That designed no rest after humping the hills all day.


We felt like most Americans experience proper now. Enough already. 10,000 of them, 150 people, who cares. We'd two options. Actually, feel these hills around people somehow used a Team of criminals, or we're able to move the chop it absolutely was nonsense. Nearly every one of people just went along to sleep. That's what many Americans are performing right now. There's anything amiss about our current situation. v

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